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2nd theory class on Life Cycle Assessment (02/12)

26 Novembro 2020, 09:48 Ricardo Filipe De Melo Teixeira

Dear students,
You can access the videos for the second theory class on Life Cycle Assessment on Educast. The lecture is divided in 4 + 1 videos:

0.Welcome (https://educast.fccn.pt/vod/clips/2pyyn68oz8/desktop.mp4?locale=en)

1. LCI and data quality (https://educast.fccn.pt/vod/clips/2pyyn68p3p/desktop.mp4?locale=en)

2. System expansion and allocation (https://educast.fccn.pt/vod/clips/nj2w0i6y8/desktop.mp4?locale=en)

3. LCIA and interpretation (https://educast.fccn.pt/vod/clips/nj2w0i76w/desktop.mp4?locale=en)

I also uploaded an extra video with additional content for those of you interested. It includes a discussion of how LCA is used in practice and its main advantages and disadvantages (https://educast.fccn.pt/vod/clips/nj2w0i7bk/desktop.mp4?locale=en).

As mentioned during our first theory session (which will be uploaded soon), please disregard any reference to practical sessions or practical work in those videos.

Classes of 25/11 and 02/12

23 Novembro 2020, 08:24


22 Setembro 2020, 18:55


16 Setembro 2020, 11:18

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