Métodos de Avaliação

Evaluation is carried out through 3 mini-tests (optional; for grade improvement) and a project consisting of the development of a theme or analysis of a case study or application domain. A report will be delivered, and the project will be presented publicly in the classroom.
Mini-tests: 25%, Project + presentation: 75% (or 100% without the mini-tests).
Projects may be done by groups of two students. In this case, each student will have to deliver a summary paper of the report (5 or 6 pages at most; in English). Evaluation for groups: Mini-tests: 25%, Project + presentation: 65%, Summary-paper: 10%, or (without the mini-tests) Project + presentation: 80%, Summary-paper: 20%.
Project minimum grade: 9,5.
Special season evaluation: Project + presentation: 80%, Summary-paper: 20%.