DRSL final grades

5 Fevereiro 2015, 01:18 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

The grades are available in section "Support Materials". Best regards.

DRSL final grades

3 Fevereiro 2015, 22:39 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

Please see section "Support Materials". There are several grades still missing. I will complete the evaluation in the following days. Sorry for the delay.

DRSL Presentations

19 Novembro 2014, 03:43 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

DRSL presentations will take place on 2 Dec and 9 Dec. Please enroll using the following "doodle":

Some other info:
- A template for the paper is available in section "Support Materials" (length is 5-6 pages)
- The Report should be delivered by mail, till the end of 28 Nov. (deliver doc and pdf; if too big, share a link to the docs)
-  The paper and presentation (doc, pdf, ppt) can be delivered up to the presentation day.
- Max. duration of presentation is 15 min. 

Quiz 3 grades

9 Novembro 2014, 23:45 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

The grades of Quiz 3 are available in section "Support Materials".

DRSL Classes

5 Novembro 2014, 17:05 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

Although there are no more mini-tests, classes will continue being teached on Tuesdays mornings.