DRSL Grades

4 Fevereiro 2013, 04:38 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

The grades of the DRSL course can be found in section "Support".

DRSL deliverables and presentations

27 Novembro 2012, 19:49 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

Delivery date is 30 Nov. 2012.
Your report (word+pdf) and your paper (word+pdf) should be submited by mail to me. If submission is greater than 5MB, use dropbox and send link (or use or equivalent). Your presentation (powerpoint+pdf) may be submited in the same day of your presentation.
Remember: Reports: around 20-25 / 35-40 pages (individual / group). Papers: around 5-6 pages in english (individual). Presentations: 15 minutes max. per group.
Please use the following link to register the presentation of your group. Enter your name(s) (first and last), choose a free slot (just one) and press Save.

Paper template

13 Novembro 2012, 20:16 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

In section "Support" there is a word file that you should use as a template for your paper.
Remember: delivery date is 30 Nov.

Survey themes

8 Outubro 2012, 03:18 Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes

See section "Support" for a list of themes for the projects. Delivery date is 30 Nov.