Grades and peer review

11 Fevereiro 2021, 17:24 Marco Leite

Hello to all 

The grades are on the course web page. 

Final peer review was sent during the day from teammates. 

Very best and stay safe. 

The faculty,

Links for today and tomorrow

16 Dezembro 2020, 14:21 Marco Leite

Link for today

 Link for tomorrow

Final Presentations

11 Dezembro 2020, 18:13 Marco Leite

Dear All

For the next week presentations we have 

Wed - 12, 10, 8, 11, 1 (This will be random order)
Thur .- All of the others. 

Very best


Final presentations

11 Dezembro 2020, 11:29 Marco Leite


Please use this google forms for final presentation. 

Please use the Both are OK option as default so that we can accommodate all groups.

E-Awards Tomorrow

17 Novembro 2020, 12:35 Marco Leite

Hello to all, 

To participate tomorrow please use this link.

There is also a game, please follow the instructions posted in the course webpage here