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Buying materials

11 Outubro 2019, 19:20 Hugo Nicolau

Hi everyone,

If you need us to buy project materials, the deadline is next Friday (Oct 18th). You need to send us the items' description, a short justification why you need it, and the link to a local shop (e.g. Robert Mauser). Keep in mind that the purchase process will take time. If the items are inexpensive I would suggest you buy them yourself. I'm not requesting you to buy any books for this course, so use that money on something useful :)

Make sure those materials are not already available here. If they are, drop us an email so we can take them to the Studio.

Office Hours - October 11th

10 Outubro 2019, 11:57

Submit reading reflections

3 Outubro 2019, 19:06

Two quick announcements

25 Setembro 2019, 16:03

Reading reflections are out

23 Setembro 2019, 13:55

Corpo Docente

Hugo Nicolau