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Several updates

18 Outubro 2021, 13:39 Hugo Nicolau

Hi everyone,

This is a mid-quarter update with several announcements. For those of you who haven't notice, the end of the quarter is less than a month away.

1) STUDIOS: The labs in Informatica I are finally ready to be used. Tue 9AM and Wed 1PM studios will take place in Lab 2 and Lab 5, respectively.

2) DESIGN BRIEF 1: the self- and peer-assessment questionnaire is available here. This is a mandatory component of your evaluation. Please fill in the questionnaire by the end of the week.

3) DESIGN BRIEF 2: the design brief is out! You can download it in the Projects section of the website. I'll present the design brief in the next lecture.


Room for Friday's Studio

7 Outubro 2021, 11:39

New Studio Rooms & re-schedule of Holiday Studio

4 Outubro 2021, 11:03

Office Hours

3 Outubro 2021, 16:06

Tuesday 9am Studio Reschedule

29 Setembro 2021, 14:32

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