Challenges' presentation and discussion

28 Setembro 2021, 15:23 Miguel Tavares da Silva

Dear Students,

Hereafter you can find the list of challenges to be presented during today's class:

15:45 – Dr. Pedro Dantas (HCD, NMS) – FORHIP - Development of a device for arthroscopic measurement of femoroacetabular force and contact pressure

16:00 – Dra. Maria José (HDE), Eng. Sérgio B. Gonçalves (LBL, IST) - EXOSHOULDER – Development of a customized upper limb exoskeleton

16:15 – Dr. Sérgio R. Gonçalves (HCD), Dr. Jorge Mineiro (HCD) – 3DMOD - A friendly environment to print 3D models in orthopedics

16:30 – Dr. Manuel Cassiano Neves (HCD), Dra. Mónika Thusing (HCD) – GOLIMB - Goniometer to measure limb rotation intra-operatively

16:40 – Dr. Manuel Cassiano Neves (HCD) – EFFORT - Effect of forefoot pronation on the 1st metatarsal phalangeal joint

16:50 – Dr. Jorge Mineiro (HCD) – PREVFALL –  Alert device to prevent falls from hospital bed

17:15 – Dr. Thiago Aguiar (NMS, CHLC-HCC) – ACLMETER – Development of knee ACL arthrometer to improve assessment of the anterior tibial and rotational instability


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See you soon,

Miguel Tavares da Silva