Publicação de Notas

9 Julho 2009, 17:24 João Pedro Carvalho

Por favor verifiquem eventuais gralhas. Pedro Diniz

Web page for the Compilers Class is up

1 Março 2009, 16:05 Pedro Nuno Cruz Diniz

All, The Compilers class web page is already up ( The syllabus and the introduction slides are already there. Also in PDF (4 pages per sheet) and Zip you can find the slides for the first lecture - Lexical Analysis. At the bottom of the web page there are a series of collections of sample exercises from previous years which cover all the exercises in the exams/midterms. These series of exercises have solutions. Remember that this week there will be NO practical classes but all the faculty will be available to answer questions about the course. See you on Tuesday in class Pedro Diniz