Publicação de Notas

21 Agosto 2008, 02:31 João Pedro Carvalho

All, All, Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the final grades in this class. Best, Pedro Diniz

Corrections to Project Deliveries

14 Abril 2008, 16:07 Hugo Miguel Álvaro Manguinhas

All students that had the following problems with the delivery of the Project MUST correct them as soon as possible.

Next delivery MUST not contain any of these problems, with no exceptions.

For problems related to CVS see CVS section, specially the Troubleshooting section.

  1. Every student MUST verify the access and information related to its CVS account and module.
  2. All project modules that contain archive files, MUST remove them from the repository.
  3. All project modules that require the file MUST add it to the module.
  4. All students that made a copy of the project into the Project Module must use the CVS commands to perform such operations.
  5. All students that made the delivery by email MUST add/update the Project Module with the contents of the project.

Projects description Available On-Line at the Class Web Site

28 Fevereiro 2008, 17:14 Pedro Nuno Cruz Diniz

Please check the PDF already available on-line at the class website. Best, Pedro Diniz