The rules for the Special Exam/Época Especial (READ CAREFULLY)

27 Agosto 2020, 00:40 Sohel Murshed

Read carefully below guidelines and rules for the Special Exam (Presential at IST) as follows: 

1) All students must arrive at exam hall gate at least 15 minutes before starting the exam to ensure hygienic and seating issues (If IST authority does not instruct COVID-19 safety and hygienic guidelines for the special exam, we will provide some guidelines on this before the exam.)

2) The exams will consist of two parts: 

i) A theoretical part to be done without consulting any elements and without using any calculator devices that will be valued with 8.0 points (out of 20.0 points). This part is solved in the statement itself; hence, students can have only a pen and a couple of spotless sheets of paper on their desks; In this part, there are as usual multiple-choice questions which will have negative marking for wrong answering.


ii) A practical part to be done with consultation limited to book(s) and/or theoretical lecture notes and using a calculator device (that cannot have means to communicate with the outside) that will be valued with 12.0 points (out of 20.0 points). It is not allowed to consult problems solution books or the notes / problems of practical classes as well as solutions of listed problems. No solutions of problems can be written inside any book or notes.


 3) Students will receive the problems statement after giving back the resolved theoretical part. 


 4) Giving up can only occur 1h after the test beginning and after giving back the theoretical part. Students that want to give up must deliver also a blank sheet with their name and number and stating “I GIVE UP”.


5) It is absolutely forbidden to have turned on any electronic device that allows you to communicate with the exterior or interior space (mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, etc.). They MUST BE TURNED OFF. The only allowed electronic device (for practical part only) is a standard calculator without any communication system. 

6) Other than inbuilt scientific/calculating/statistical functions it is forbidden to carry any textual content and formulae in the calculator. Students having programmable/advanced calculator must ensure that no textual content and formulae by using the “reset” button of the calculator or by removing battery or else way.

7) It is not allowed to leave the room during the exam (except for giving up – see point 4).