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Grades of 1st Exam (available)

18 Junho 2019, 18:27 Sohel Murshed

The grades of 1st Exam is available in fenix (section: Exams Grades/Notas do Exames). You can also see the grade directly from the following link:



Note that the review/checking will take place on 21 June 2019 at 15:30 in Room: V0.02. All information and rules regarding the review process is available in Section: Exam-Checking. 


FINAL list of students registered and room allocation for the Exam 1.

5 Junho 2019, 12:26

List of students registered and allocation of room for the Exame 1

3 Junho 2019, 15:57

The rules for the exams (READ CAREFULLY)

27 Maio 2019, 15:02

Part I-III: Detailed content and references+Answers for Problems(Part I-II)

26 Maio 2019, 00:53

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Sohel Murshed



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