Exam checking rules and information (Read Carefully):

1) The checking of 2nd Exam will be held on Friday- 12 July 2019 at 17:00 (30 min/each batch for 2 or more batches) in Room V1.06

2) Registration for this checking is compulsory. Only students registered on time (see next point) will have access to review.

3) In order to make the registration students must go to the webpage discipline, section ?Exam Review? and get the registration form for checking, fill the form and sign it and then send me a copy by email until Friday- 12 June 2019 up to 16:00. Refrain yourself from sending emails after the deadline or appearing in the review of the exam if you are not registered as only registered students´ papers will be taken to the room. Also don´t send large size pdf/image file of this form (size limit is 200 kb). See the email address below.

4) Registered students must bring a green pen and no mobile phone or electronic device will be allowed.

5) No materials (like books, lecture notes, problems class materials, etc) will be allowed in the hall.

6) Students must bring the printout of the Exam Review Request Form (provided in section- ?Exam Checking? in the webpage).

7) Checking takes place in silence, without conversations between students and/or with the professors.

8)  Students must write clearly and succinctly which elements need to be reviewed and why in the review request form (where the review procedures are also provided).

9) Answers to the questions of the exam is available in Fenix. Students must bring the answers to questions printed or written on paper with them. No mobile devices or laptops will be allowed to look for answers or to consult anything from Fenix or internet.

10) Signed form must be emailed to: smurshed@tecnico.ulisboa.pt