Final grade (after review) of the special exam

30 Julho 2019, 13:37 Sohel Murshed

The final grade (after review) of the special exam of AHT that has been submitted to the graduate office is also available on fenix. You can see it from the following link: 

Boas ferias!

Sala/Room for Checking of special exam

24 Julho 2019, 17:30 Sohel Murshed

Dear students,

Checking of special exam papers will take place in room F2.

Grades and checking of special exam

23 Julho 2019, 12:50 Sohel Murshed

Dear Students,

The grade of special exam is available on Fenix (Section: Exams Grades). You can find it from the below link:

Please note that the checking/review will take place on 29th July at 11:00 and the room number will be informed you soon. The rules for checking remain the same as was for other exams. You need to do registration fill the form available on Fenix (section- Exam Checking) and signed it and then email to me by 24th July 17:00. The form can be found from below link:

Best regards

List of students for Especial Exam

19 Julho 2019, 17:23 Sohel Murshed

Here is the list of students registered for the especial exam:

70117António Maria Maia Marques Líbano Monteiro
70825Joana Pinto Saraiva
72651Miguel Filipe Neves Ribeiro
78677Vanessa Sofia de Jesus Faia
79052João Gaspar Cardoso Coelho da Silva
79713Tomás Horta e Costa Gomes da Costa
81374Jóni André Santo Bernardo

Exam 2 review/checking

11 Julho 2019, 18:27 Sohel Murshed

Students who would like to review the 2nd exam grade must register (by emailing the signed registration form) within 16:00 of 12 July 2019. Please visit "Exam 2-Checking" section of the webpage for the review rules, information and for downloading the necessary forms.

The review will take place on 12th July 2019 at 17:00 in Room: V1.06

The forms can also be obtained directly from the below links.

Registration form for exam checking (must email to me within the deadline, make sure the file size <200 kb):


Review Request Form (must printout and bring with you):

Please consult exam checking rules and information provide in Section: Exam 2-Checking