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Final Exam

2 Julho 2019, 12:37 Pedro Alves Martins Rodrigues

The final exam will follow the same model of the tests: questions will be delivered next Monday, 08/07 and the answers must be handed back until Wednesday, 10/07. It is also possible to answer only the part of the exam corresponding to one of the tests; in this case the answers must be handed back until Tuesday, 09/07.
To attend this exam it is mandatory to confirm the presence through Fenix until 4 p.m. of next Thursday, 04/07.    

Final Exam

1 Julho 2019, 15:59

Second Test

11 Junho 2019, 10:35

First Test

10 Abril 2019, 17:25

Beginning of classes

12 Fevereiro 2019, 12:03

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Pedro Alves Martins Rodrigues