14 Setembro 2020, 14:04 Nuno Santos

Welcome to the Forensics Cyber-Security course!

I'd like to inform you that the theoretical classes will begin next week: on Tagus, the first class will take place on September 22 (14h00), and on Alameda on September 23 (8h00). These classes will be given remotely. Please check out the "Class Logistics" section on this website to learn more details.

Note that there will be no lab classes neither next week nor in the following one. The lab classes will start on Oct 5 - 9. Between Sep 28 - Oct 2, you will need to form groups of 3 elements and enroll in a specific lab slot. This process will be done via Fenix.

Additional information will be provided in the first theory class. I look forward to seeing you there!