Rules for the Second Exam

6 Fevereiro 2021, 20:09 Nuno Santos

Dear students

The 2nd Exam will take place remotely in the same mold as in the 1st Exam. The process will be as follows:

  • Tuesday (9 Feb) at 8h, I will publish a pdf on Moodle with the exam questions; the format of the exam will be similar to the format of the previous exams;
  • 2h later, at 10h, you must upload a pdf of the exam containing your responses. There will be a grace period of 5min for submitting the exam. After that, I will not accept any other submissions. Don't wait until the last minute to submit the pdf. I will not accept any submissions by email under no excuses.
You can submit your responses as a single pdf file generated in one of the following possible ways:

  1. Write your answers directly in the pdf of the exam using Adobe Acrobat Reader, free version; this is possible if you add the text in the form of text fields which can be added in Acrobat Reader's commenting mode; then submit the new pdf file.
  2. Handwrite your answers directly in the pdf of the exam if you have an iPad, for example; submit the new pdf file.
  3. Write your answers in a brand new Word document, and then generate a pdf file.
  4. Print the exam, handwrite your answers, scan it, and submit a single pdf file.
  5. Handwrite your answers in white A4 paper sheets, scan the whole thing, and submit it as a single pdf file.
All sheets of the pdf file that you submit must contain your name and number.

Everyone should join the following Zoom link 10 minutes ahead of time, i.e., on Tuesday at 7h50. You must enable your camera and your mic during the entire exam (mute your speaker), and use as chatroom ID your name and number. If you need to interact with the faculty during the exam, please use the chat terminal. The exam is without consultation.

Zoom link:

I'll let you review your exam (aka revisão de provas) on 11 Feb (Thursday) at 11h-12h via Zoom ( Please send me an email beforehand if you intend to review your exam.

Good luck!