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SEAL: Parsing of files with multiple consecutive cyphertexts

9 Dezembro 2020, 16:26 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

While the students had been advised (based on our experience in 2019) that the Cyphertext::load() method would only work if the file to be read had a single cyphertext in it, Gonçalo Mão-Cheia has discovered that these functions are now ready to parse a sequence of cyphertexts automatically. As such, it will spare the trouble of saving each cyphertext in a separate temporary file before loading.


Project: DELETE and SELECT MULT operations

5 Dezembro 2020, 22:58

China deu passo importante no desenvolvimento de computadores quânticos

5 Dezembro 2020, 22:04

Project Guide: new version

4 Dezembro 2020, 14:34

Project Guide: new version

3 Dezembro 2020, 15:48

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