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2nd Exam

27 Janeiro 2021, 13:31 Carlos Nuno da Cruz Ribeiro

Dear students, 
As you know all activities in the campus were stopped. Therefore, I must find an alternative solution to perform the 2nd exam.
The solution that I devise, which was accepted by your representatives and by the course coordination has four goals:

  1. Be inclusive - every student should be allowed to be evaluated;
  2. Be remote - activities on campus are forbidden;
  3. Be fair with the 1st exam - should not be very different from the first exam;
  4. Be resistant to fraud - students that study should prevail over fraud students.
With this principles in mind students have two options for the evaluation either:
  1. A oral examination
  2. Written remote exam under the conditions below.
For those students wishing to perform a oral examination, please contact me so that I can schedule the time. The oral examination will be performed in Zoom, just with me, with your camera connected. No record whatsoever is going to be done.

For those students wishing to perform a written remote exam, please register for the exam in the usual means. The registration is specially important, given the specifies of the exam (see below).

The written exam will be as follow:
  1. The students connect to the zoom room of the class (https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/99364453685?pwd=WXU1OEdKOHh4L2dSM29KT1lkZndrZz09). This room requires authentication;
  2. The students will be sorted over three breakout rooms. Each room will have a different teacher;
  3. The cameras of the students must be connected at all times;
  4. The exam questionnaire will be sent to the students via Zoom chat in pdf;
  5. The students will answer the exam questions in a exam sheet, as they did in the first exam;
  6. In  the beginning of the exam the student will be asked to show the header of the exam sheet, filled with his/her name with is own handwriting, together with an identification card.
  7. At the end of the exam the student should scan the exam, using Adobe Scan (Free app available for Android and IOS) or IOS Notes (App already present in Apple phones), or any other scan mechanism, and sent it to my email carlos.ribeiro@tecnico.ulisboa.pt
  8. Students with more than 15 in the exam will be asked to perform a brief oral examination to check for frauds. This oral examination will be very brief and the goal will not be to evaluate you but to check for frauds. Students, will have either the grade that they got in the exame or 15, if signs of fraud is detected or the student did not show. This anti fraude mechanism does not replace the usual disciplinary process, which is always available.
I believe this is the solution that best matches the specified goals.

See you soon

Carlos Ribeiro

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