Attending the exam procedures

11 Janeiro 2021, 11:33 Carlos Nuno da Cruz Ribeiro

Dear Students,

The main room of the tomorrow's exam is the dining hall of the math building. As most of you know, the dining hall as two entries, one from inside the building suing the stairs or the elevator and one directly from the street. We are going to use the one from the street on the back of the building. For those that don't know, the outside dor is accessible from the tunnel on the right side of the main entry of the building. There you find glass doors to the dining hall. One of them will open to give you access to the exam room.

I urge you to make a queue along the side of the building with space between yourselfs.

As of this moment I have 50 students registered. The room can take only 59 students, therefore students not registered will have to wait until we decide to open the second room V1.10. You should **not** got to v1.10 unless we told you so. There will not be anyone there.

Have a good and safe exam

Carlos Ribeiro