Project A

  1. The Android Studio does not work on VirtualBox, it works on VmWare, but it requires converting the machines from VirtualBox to VmWare and configure VmWare correctly to support full virtualization. A Better solution is to run Android Studio directly on the Host machine, and ensure that Host and Guest may communicate bidirectionally. There are two solutions to achieve bidirectional communication: 
    1. Configure the guest network card to Bridge Mode. 
    2. Configure the guest network card to Host-only mode. 
    The first solution has the problem that both Host and Guest IPs change with DHCP. The second solution does not have that problem but it is more difficult to configure. You need to go to VirtualBox->Preferences and on the Network tab select the Host-only Networks tab. Then press the plus button and a new virtual card will be added to your Host computer. If you double-click the new card you will notice that the card has IP and that it will run a DHCP server handling IP addresses to virtual machines starting at IP192.168.56.101. Then you need to go to your Guest virtual machine and choose Host-Only network and the virtual network just created. The host and the Guest are now on the same network with fixed IP addresses ( for the Host and for the Guest). You set your HOST server to access the DNS server on your guest machine, but this will prevent your HOST to access the internet, therefore, we recommend to use IP addresses instead of hostnames in this project.
    If you are using a Windows HOST, you might have a Windows firewall problem. Please follow the link to solve it. Don't forget to do the change in both private a public profiles (the script is just for the public one).

Project B

  1. When following the script on the link to setup the IdP you will need to perform the following steps before execute step 10 of the script.
    $ sudo su 
    # cd /usr/share/java
    # ln -s /usr/share/java/tomcat8-jsp-api.jar jsp-api-2.3.jar
    # ln -s /usr/share/java/tomcat8-el-api.jar el-api-3.0.jar.
  2. The link to the simpleSAMLphp SP installation is wrong. The link provided is for installing the simpleSAMLphp Idp. If you have chosen to install the simpleSAMLphp version of the SP, please follow the link instead.