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Our classes, Friday, December 4

3 Dezembro 2020, 22:59 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear NetSci students,

Tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 4), we will not have a regular theory class; instead, we decided to dedicate our class to help you with your 2nd assignment. So, please feel free to stop by the usual zoom link if you believe one can help in any way. Similarly, our labs (15h-18h30) will also be devoted to the 2nd project (also through zoom). 

Please let us know if you have a preferred slot by feeling up your group number in one of the light blue squares in this table. We will also have several free slots for those that are working online and feel like having a chat. In any case, we will find the time to speak with everyone, hopefully, more than once. 

Those that are already close to submitting this 2nd assignment may, of course, use this time for other assignments, check the lab exercises or the final presentation. Please feel free to use this time in the way the best suits your needs. 

You may submit your project through Fenix (exactly as in the 1st assignment). If in the meantime, if you changed your group number or group composition, please let us know. 

Please note that we are not expecting that you submit any presentation together with your report (see details in section "Project 2"). If you need a hand on how you should present your work, please let us know. Above all, the goal here is to be entertaining. 

We will adopt a "self-organized" scheduling procedure for our workshop. In the following days, we will make available a google spreadsheet where you may add your group number and title of your presentation. It may work better than a top-down scheduling process that may or may not fit into your personal constraints. Our workshop will be held on Dec 11, Dec 14, and Dec 18 (one or two extra days may be included If needed). 

See you tomorrow and many thanks!

Kind regards,

Nov. 30 - additional information

29 Novembro 2020, 23:11

2nd Project deadline and other topics

24 Novembro 2020, 23:53

Seminar, Pedro Ribeiro, today, November 18, 2020 | 13h00

18 Novembro 2020, 11:10

Classes, Monday 16 Nov.

16 Novembro 2020, 12:08

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