News (Nov 25 and Nov 29)

24 Novembro 2019, 15:35 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear Network Science students,

Tomorrow (Monday, Nov. 25, 14h-15h30), we will not have a regular class; instead, we decided to dedicate our class to help you with your 2nd assignment. So, please feel free to stop by room EA5 if you believe one can help in any way. Similarly, our labs (15h-18h30) will also be devoted to the 2nd project. 

Next Friday (Nov. 29, 14h, FA1), we will have our invited lecture of the semester, by Prof. Pedro T. Monteiro (IST-UL and INESC-ID). Pedro will be kind enough to tell us all about one particular area of network science, called Boolean Networks, and how we can use it to model gene regulatory networks and other biological complex systems. Like all our other classes, this lecture is open to everyone outside the course.

See you soon!

Kind regards,
Francisco and Alexandre