Network Science workshop, Day 2, Dec 10

9 Dezembro 2018, 09:34 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear Network Science students,

Tomorrow, Monday, Dec 10, we will continue our presentations with plenty of interesting challenges. From 14h to 15h30 we will be at room EA5, as usual. After 15h30 we will move to LAB11. 
Please find below a complete list of tomorrow's talks:
  • 14:05, group 82, Communities study in active state brain network (room EA5)
  • 14:20, group 81, Information sharing and its impact on cooperative behaviour (room EA5)
  • 14:35, group 89, An SIS Model Infection Simulation (room EA5)
  • 14:50, group 98, The Schelling's Segregation Model (room EA5)
  • 15:05, group 91, An introduction to GLEaMviz (room EA5)     
  • (break)               
  • 15:30, group  87, The emergence of the three degrees of influence rule (room LAB 11)
  • 15:45, group  77, How (dynamic) social networks affect peer-influence and sentiment about topics (room LAB 11)
  • 16:00, group 75, The evolution in Prisioner's Dilemma and other games in structured populations (room LAB11)
  • 16:15, group 86, Dynamical processes in regular structures (room LAB11)

Please note that we slightly optimized the schedule made available last Friday (please see our last version here). We are very much looking forward to all your presentations. 

See you tomorrow!

Best,Francisco & Alexandre.