Network Science Workshop, Day 1, Friday, Dec 7

6 Dezembro 2018, 22:03 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear CRC students,
Tomorrow we will have the pleasure to have our first day of the NS workshop. Thank you in advance to all of you who find the time to attend this 1st session. We will have plenty of exciting topics. Here's the final list of tomorrow's talks: 

  • 14:05 Disease spreading in parochial and bipartite networks, group 100 
  • 14:20 Influence of Resource Inequality in the Evolution of Cooperation, group 94 
  • 14:35 Evolutionary dynamics of cooperation under indirect reciprocity considering the effect of exploration rates, group 99 
  • 14:50 Evolution of cooperation through direct reciprocity in networked populations, group 85 
  • 15:05 A network science perspective on the lightning protocol, group 80 
Many thanks once again. We hope to have fun with each other topics. 
Next week we will extend our sessions to our labs. Please let us know if you have any problem with the suggested schedule. We will do our best to include all your requests.
See you tomorrow!
Francisco & Alexandre.