Project 2 

Deadline: Dec 2, 2018

You will be free to choose a topic on network science, scientific computing, modelling and simulation which is close to your background and interests. Please find HERE a first list of suggestions. Ideally, all groups will address a different topic, such that, at the end of the semester, we may organize a small workshop in which we all discuss each other projects. Each group will be able to select a topic/challenge, which typically includes the discussion and (hopefully) the replication of some published results. 

The deliverables are:
(i) a short (10-15 minute) in-class presentation of the project results, and
(ii) a short write-up (max 8 pages) and related code (if applicable or central to the project). 

Format and delivery

The maximum number of pages for the report is 8. It should contain a small introduction, a summary of gathered results, a brief discussion and supporting references. Please include any code you find relevant with your submission (you may submit a single zip file). Given the multitude of third-party libraries you may use, it would be very helpful if you add a readme file with an overview of the code, dependencies, configuration/installation instructions, etc. Otherwise, it will be hard for us to evaluate your effort... Many thanks in advance!

About the presentation

Please note that we are not expecting that you submit any presentation together with your report (see above). You can think about your presentation after submitting your 2nd project. If you need a hand on how you should present your work, please let us know. Important: The goal is to be entertaining. Each group shall have 10 to 15 minutes.