Please check the list below for a tentative schedule for our Network Science workshop:

Day 1TimeGrouproomTitle
07/12/1814:05100FA1Disease spreading in parochial and bipartite networks 
07/12/1814:2094FA1Influence of Resource Inequality in the Evolution of Cooperation
07/12/1814:3599FA1Evolutionary dynamics of cooperation under indirect reciprocity considering the effect of exploration rates
07/12/1814:5085FA1Evolution of cooperation through direct reciprocity in networked populations
07/12/1815:0580FA1The lightning protocol in scale-free networks

Day 2TimeGrouproomTitle
10/12/1814:0592EA5Communities study in active state brain network
10/12/1814:2081EA5Information sharing and its impact on cooperative behaviour
10/12/1814:3589EA5An SIS Model Infection Simulation
10/12/1814:5098EA5The Schelling's Segregation Model
10/12/1815:0591EA5An introduction to GLEaMviz
10/12/1815:3087LAB11The emergence of the three degrees of influence rule
10/12/1815:4577LAB11How (dynamic) social networks affect peer-influence and sentiment about topics
10/12/1816:0075LAB11The evolution in the Prisoner's Dilemma and other games in structured populations
10/12/1816:1586LAB11Dynamical processes in regular structures
Day 3TimeGrouproomTitle
14/12/1814:0588FA1Algorithms on succinct graphs - k2,k1 trees
14/12/1814:2082FA1Evolution of indirect reciprocity by image scoring
14/12/1814:3596FA1Ecological public goods
14/12/1814:5076FA1Analysis of an Airport Network and Epidemic Spread

Day 4TimeGrouproomTitle
17/12/1814:05102EA5Imitation dynamics of vaccination behaviour
17/12/1814:2083EA5User Community Detection, based on Temporal Topical Interest Similarity
17/12/1814:3593EA5Impact of Mobility and Other Factors on the Biodiversity of Cyclic Competing Bacteria
17/12/1814:5079EA5Targeted Immunization Strategies for the SIR Model in Scale-Free Networks to Halt Disease Spreading: How much is enough?
17/12/1815:0578EA5Leadership and Conformism in social dilemmas
17/12/1815:4584LAB11Evolutionary dynamics and cooperation in climate change dilemmas
17/12/1816:00103LAB11A.I. systems and their diffusion in self-regarding populations
17/12/1816:1590LAB11Epidemic Threshold in Random Graphs and Scale-free Networks
17/12/1816:3097LAB11The self-organization of cooperation in three social dilemmas