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14 Janeiro 2019, 15:03 Francisco Correia dos Santos

 Dear Network Science students,

Thank you for taking the time to register for our first exam. This way we know how many exams we should bring.
Wednesday's exam may be answered in Portuguese or in English. Please don't forget to bring a standard IST exam sheet with you. Thanks again!

We will be available this afternoon, at 16h40, at  “Gabinete/Office 1” (2nd floor, DEI, Alameda, next to the central services of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering). On Tuesday (tomorrow), we will be also available at the same time and place. We will be also available through email. Hope it helps! 

Kind regards,


7 Janeiro 2019, 15:08


21 Dezembro 2018, 09:30

Network Science workshop, day 4, Mondaym Dec 17

16 Dezembro 2018, 22:00

Network Science Workshop, day 3, Friday Dec 14

14 Dezembro 2018, 10:54

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Francisco Correia dos Santos



Alexandre Francisco