14 Janeiro 2019, 15:03 Francisco Correia dos Santos

 Dear Network Science students,

Thank you for taking the time to register for our first exam. This way we know how many exams we should bring.
Wednesday's exam may be answered in Portuguese or in English. Please don't forget to bring a standard IST exam sheet with you. Thanks again!

We will be available this afternoon, at 16h40, at  “Gabinete/Office 1” (2nd floor, DEI, Alameda, next to the central services of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering). On Tuesday (tomorrow), we will be also available at the same time and place. We will be also available through email. Hope it helps! 

Kind regards,


7 Janeiro 2019, 15:08 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear RC students,

All our best wishes for 2019!!  

As we already mentioned, we were delighted by your projects. Congratulations to all!! You may check your P2 grade at the “Marks/Notas” section. Our apologies for taking a bit to read all your projects. 

The registration for the exams is now open for those interested. The exam will follow the discussions we had during our lectures. We also suggest that you take a look at our problem sets and last year’s exams. 

Also, please let us know if we can be of any help. Please check the office hours indicated online. For instance, for those interested, we will be available this afternoon, at 16h30, at  “Gabinete/Office 1” (2nd floor, DEI, Alameda, next to the central services of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering). Hope it helps!

Best wishes, 
Francisco and Alexandre.


21 Dezembro 2018, 09:30 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear CRC students,

Thank you for the effort you made to be present in most sessions, and for the questions following each presentation. We are super happy with all the results and oral presentations. If you were not able to present your project and would like to do so, please let us know. We will publish the final aggregated marks associated with the 1st and 2nd project next week. We'll let you know by adding another announcement. 

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any question related to the exam of our course. Today (Friday, Dec 21, 15h30, LAB14), we will be available to answer any question you may have. We won't have any class at 14h. We suggest that you check our lab exercises and last year's exams at Supporting Material -> Problem Sets, and let us know if you have any question. 

Hope to see you all in January and thank you once again for your effort and enthusiasm!

All our best wishes for 2019 and have a great Christmas break!
Francisco and Alexandre.

Network Science workshop, day 4, Mondaym Dec 17

16 Dezembro 2018, 22:00 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear CRC students,

Tomorrow (Monday, Dec 17), we will conclude our presentations with a tight schedule of splendid contributions and exciting topics. From disease spreading, voluntary vaccination, online community detection, and models of competing bacteria, to leadership, cooperation, climate change agreements, and ethical challenges in AI, among others, we'll have plenty of surprising results and ideas to discuss. We hope you like it!!
From 14h to 15h30 we will be in room EA5. From 15h30 to 17h we will move to Lab 11. As usual, everyone is welcome. 

Please find below a detailed list of tomorrow's talks:

  • 14:05, group 102, room EA5, Imitation dynamics of vaccination behaviour
  • 14:20, group 83, room EA5, User Community Detection, based on Temporal Topical Interest Similarity
  • 14:35, group 93, room EA5, Impact of Mobility and Other Factors on the Biodiversity of Cyclic Competing Bacteria
  • 14:50, group 79, room EA5, Targeted Immunization Strategies for the SIR Model in Scale-Free Networks to Halt Disease Spreading: How much is enough?
  • 15:05, group 78, room EA5 Leadership and Conformism in Social Dilemmas
        --- break ---
  • 15:30, group 95, Lab 11, SchizConnect: A Network Science Analysis 
  • 15:45, group 84, Lab11 Evolutionary dynamics and cooperation in climate change dilemmas
  • 16:00, group 103, Lab 11, A.I. systems and their diffusion in self-regarding populations
  • 16:15, group 90, Lab 11, Epidemic Threshold in Random Graphs and Scale-free Networks
  • 16:30, group 97, Lab 11, The self-organization of cooperation in three social dilemmas
  • 16:45, n. 67979, Lab 11, A Multi-layered Temporal Network of a Law Firm 
For tomorrow's speakers, please remember that both rooms are equipped with a VGA connector, but HDMI is not always trivial to use (especially at Lab 11). Please bring the necessary adaptors, if needed. We apologise for that.

We are enjoying this year's presentations. Many thanks for your great work!

See you tomorrow!

Francisco & Alexandre.

Network Science Workshop, day 3, Friday Dec 14

14 Dezembro 2018, 10:54 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear RC students,

Today (Dec 14), we will have our third day of presentations at room FA1 (14h). Once again we will have plenty of fascinating topics to discuss, even if, due to some last minute re-scheduling, we will have a shorter session than usual. 

Please find below this afternoon's final schedule:

  • 14:05, group 88, Algorithms on succinct graphs - k2,k1 trees
  • 14:20, group 82, Evolution of indirect reciprocity by image scoring
  • 14:35, group 96, Ecological public goods
  • 14:50, group 76, Analysis of an Airport Network and Epidemic Spread
See you later & thanks again!

Kind regards,
Francisco & Alexandre.