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Exams, Lecture notes and  doubts

10 janeiro 2010, 15:27 Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus

Some previous exams can be found here.

Lecture notes with all the proofs and definitions (beyond what we have done and without quantum) can be found here.

The Exam will focus on the chapters of the book from which you have made exercises.

There is an exam type in the exams, but it is a bit outdated. I will put one soon more adapted to our course.

For any doubt please contact me by mail so that we can set the date and time. I am always available for answering to questions (except when I am in some meeting :-)


Exercises II

23 novembro 2009, 11:01

Exercises I

12 outubro 2009, 09:59

Lectures schedule

21 setembro 2009, 10:20


16 setembro 2009, 10:09

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