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2nd CPC Exam, Friday, 05/02/2021, at 17:00

4 Fevereiro 2021, 17:32 Carlos Manuel Faria de Barros Henriques

Dear Students

Just to recall youl some details about the CPC 2nd Exam, tomorrow, Friday, 05/02/2021, at 17:00: 
- about 15 to 20 minutes before, I will send the Link Zoom by email to all students; there will be a "Waiting room";
- the Heterogeneous statement (pdf) will be distributed by Zoom; 
- after 1:30 the Heterogeneous test will end; 
- students have ~ 15 minutes to scan the test and to insert the resulting pdf on the FENIX page of CPC / Projects (Heterogeneous and, at the end of the test, Homogeneous);
- then the Homogeneous statement will be distributed, whose test will take place along similar lines. 

Carlos Henriques

2º Exame CPC, 6ªfª, 05/02/2021, às 17:00

4 Fevereiro 2021, 17:29

Honour Declaration CCP Exam 02/02/2021

29 Janeiro 2021, 10:28

Declaração de Honra Exame CPC 02/02/2021

29 Janeiro 2021, 10:26

Registrations for the 2nd Exam of CCP - 02/02/2021, 11:00

27 Janeiro 2021, 23:48

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Carlos Manuel Faria de Barros Henriques



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