Welcome to Control and Optimization of Power Systems

29 Janeiro 2018, 15:01 Luis Marcelino Ferreira

Dear Students

Welcome to Control and Optimization of Power Systems
This is a fundamental course for power system studies and power system engineering.  We review models for power system apparatus and proceed to a thorough dynamic analysis both using Laplace transform (s-domain) and state space representation (t-domain). The course covers a wide range of dynamic solutions, from the automatic voltage regulation and frequency regulation, economic dispatch, active power and reactive power control and optimal power flow, up to operations planning, which includes unit commitment and general short-term resource coordination and scheduling.

As for the requisites for taking successfully the course, you may think that you need a strong background education in mathematics, control and optimization, as we deal with differential equations, vector spaces and linear algebra, and optimization techniques. Yes, such an education is a head start, but the good news is that we cover everything deep-enough in class, everything you need to understand -- the principles, the problems and the solutions. That is like re-learning mathematics -- now in the context of problems of power system control and optimization. Being a bit familiar with Matlab will help too, so that you can do some simulated experimentation.


Best of luck,

Marcelino Ferreira

Célia Cardoso de Jesus