Short-term resource scheduling -- hydro-thermal coordination

29 Maio 2018, 11:00 Luis Marcelino Ferreira

The overall problem of short-term resource scheduling

View of lmf’s paper (see page)

Why Lagrangean duality

Review of saddle point theorem

Look at objective function -- separability

The complexity of a primal solution

Check for a dual solution

Derivation of a simplified version for resource scheduling

The dual function q(λ) can be evaluated

How to max q(λ) -- gradients

Master problem and subproblems

Economic interpretation and bidding markets

Hydro subproblem: max value, not max energy

Classic hydro-thermal coordination

Hydro for peak-shaving

Why should it be peak-shaving (math and economics)

When it can and when it cannot happen (math and economics)

Problem 14

Discussion and solution

Review of Problem 12 and water values

The importance of finding a tree and the right tree

The partition of A into B and N -- basic and nonbasic variables

The Lagrange multipliers for bounds, including on turbine capacity arcs