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8 Julho 2016, 20:25 Luis Marcelino Ferreira

Dear Students

As people say, it was my pleasure, my honor and my privilege to work with you along this semester (and in some cases, along the past two semesters). It is now over; I’m going to validate your grades this coming Monday. But always feel free to drop by.

I wish you a great summer vacation and great success in your endeavors.

Best regards,

Marcelino Ferreira

Publicação de Notas

8 Julho 2016, 19:30

Final Grades (tentative)

7 Julho 2016, 20:12

Revisão de provas

7 Julho 2016, 12:43

Época Especial de Avaliação

21 Junho 2016, 16:09

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Luis Marcelino Ferreira



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