Project Discussions

25 Maio 2021, 17:34 Luís Pedrosa


Now that everyone has submitted the project, let's get started with the project discussions. The discussions will be 1 hour long, though we can schedule additional slots for groups that need more time. Like in the checkpoint meetings, we'll be doing a demo, but this time guided by me. Be prepared to answer questions about your design choices, alternative approaches, and such.

Please pick a slot that work for your group on Doodle. All members of the group must show up, so pick a time that works for everyone. I have placed several slots during the remaining days of classes, as well as several after classes end so everyone can manage their time as they see fit. If none of the slots work for you, let me know and we'll schedule something separately.

When your slotted time comes, please join me on your group's discord audio channel. Only one member of the group needs to run the demo so pick the one that has the computer best positioned to run at least two AVD emulators.

See you all soon!

-- Luis D. Pedrosa