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Lab classes in Taguspark next week

7 Março 2019, 10:40 Nuno Santos

Dear students

As I mentioned to you yesterday, next week, the lab classes in Taguspark on Wednesday at 15h-16h30 and 18h30 will be suppressed.

These classes will be replaced by a lecture about mobile UI design given by prof. Daniel Gonçalves. This lecture will take place on Monday, 11th March, at 9h30. The room will be announced soon.

This lecture will also be given in Alameda, March 26th at 17h00 in Lab 11. Further details will also be announced soon.


ALAMEDA: One available slot in the first presentatio schedule

1 Março 2019, 19:02

Schedule for 2nd Alameda Paper Set

1 Março 2019, 09:43

Schedule for Presentation Paper Enrollment

25 Fevereiro 2019, 12:05

Opening Lab Enrollment was Postponed to 13:00 Due to Overlap with Alameda Lecture

22 Fevereiro 2019, 11:15

Corpo Docente

João Coelho Garcia



Nuno Santos