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Q: We'd like to use the Spring Framework to implement the server. This framework would help us to create a REST API and to interface with a server-side database. Is this allowed?

A: Yes, but it is not necessary.

Q: I saw that the backend server for the application must be implemented as a Java application and wanted to ask, if we are also allowed to develop the backend of the webserver (webservice) in PHP.
A: You are free to implement the server in whatever technology you wish. The core of the project evaluation will not be the server side.

Q: Termite returns "Error: KO: unknown command, try 'help'" when trying to assign an address. What should I do?

A: This problem is related to a recent changes in android emulators (see for more details). To fix this issue,  an empty ~/.emulator_console_auth_token file (Windows users should use c:\Users\<current_user>\.emulator_console_auth_token instead).
Q: When running Termite on Windows, the execution of file termite.bat fails with an error. How to fix this?

A: There is a small bug in the termite.bat file, namely in the construction of the classpath: "../libs/libs/Termite-Cli.jar" should be "../libs/Termite-Cli.jar". Make this change and it should work.

Q: Is it allowed to use HTTPS for securing the communication between the clients and the server?
A: Yes, it is allowed to use HTTPS, or to use alternative libraries for setting up secure channels.