Métodos de Avaliação

The final grade is the result of adding the following components:

  • Group component – challenges: 50% (minimum grade: 8 values; groups have 5 members)
    • Report and presentation I: 20%
    • Report and presentation II: 30%
  • Individual component: 50%
    • Final test: 45% (minimum grade: 9 values)
    • Kahoot: 5% (optional: opting out should be comunicated by email until September 28; in this case, the 5% are added to the final test)

Student workers may require the final grade to be 100% the final test; this information must be comunicated by email until September 28.

The final grade of the students evaluated in special exam period is 100% the test grade. 

Details on all evaluation components and deadlines are available in file "EvaluationRulesCIO1819.pdf" (see Evaluation folder).