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Exam rules and typical exam questions

15 Junho 2021, 11:14 Joao Paulo Carvalho

The exam will start at 9:15 (Monday, June 21st), in room 0-15 (Taguspark campus), and will have a duration of, at most, 1h30m.

    •  If you are travelling from Alameda by shuttle, please note that you will need to book your seat in advance. Please consult the shuttle schedule (probably you will need to take the 7:00AM shuttle)
You will need to abide by the following rules and regulations:
  • You are allowed to consult the following documentation during the exam:
    • Course Bibliography
    • Course lecture slides
  • You can use a laptop or a tablet to consult the indicated documentation (instead of bringing paper versions). Mobile phone use is not permitted. In case you don’t have a laptop or tablet, please let me know in advance.
  • You are not allowed to consult solutions of previously solved exercises (except for those in the course slides or bibliography).
  • Using the internet to “google” for answers is not forbidden, but it is not encouraged, advised or even guaranteed. Internet access might not be reliable. In order to be fair, you are only allowed to use eduroam to access the internet (you are not allowed to connect using mobile data or a personal hotspot). I want to emphasize that you should not attend the exam expecting to rely on internet access.
  • Only the following applications can be open at anytime on your computer/tablet: pdf reader, browser (no email or chat/conversation tabs/windows can be open). I invoke the right to check all open windows in your computer/tablet at any moment during the realization of the exam. If you don’t agree with this condition, you will only be able to consult printed documentation and notes.
  • During specific periods of the exam you will be allowed to use python (and any necessary libraries), a spreadsheet or a calculator to compute the results of specific questions.
  • Any communication or consultation with other person or pseudo-AI entity, either using electronic or non-electronic means, is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate annulation of the exam. It will be forbidden to open any communication/conversation app.
A document containing a sample of typical exam questions is available in section "Exam preparation".

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions during this week. In case it is necessary, I can arrange Zoom sessions to clarify any doubts.


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