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This is not a goodbye!

30 Janeiro 2019, 13:57 Carlos António Roque Martinho

I hope you all had a wonderful experience in this course. If you want to keep in touch with what is happening with games at IST, please check our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LabJogosIST/). We will be showing some of the work created in this course! Feel free to comment!

Pauta final de CGJ após revisão

30 Janeiro 2019, 13:55

Pauta final (temporária)

24 Janeiro 2019, 19:35

Horário das discussões de projeto

22 Janeiro 2019, 09:08

Entrega da documentação do projeto final de CGJ

22 Janeiro 2019, 09:03

Corpo Docente

Carlos António Roque Martinho