Final Project

General Rules

Write a paper about a topic of your choice on digital forensics. The paper must be at maximum 20-25 pages long and be written individually. The topic of your work must be approved by the faculty. We suggest that you use the template in attachment.

Important dates

  • Project proposal: March 24th
  • Project presentations: May 19th, and May 24th
  • Submission deadline: May 30th

Ideas for the Final Project

Write a report on the state of the art of one of the following topics:
1) Forensic analysis of Solid-State Drives (SSDs)
2) Botnet investigations
3) Steganalysis techniques
4) Investigation of intellectual property and copyright infringement
5) Digital plagiarism investigation 
6) Investigation techniques of cyberstalking and cyberbullying
7) Security vs. privacy protection in USA and EU
8) Global surveillance disclosures in the past years
9) Investigation of corporate espionage and theft of proprietary information
10) Online fraud detection
11) Survey of computer / network forensic tools
12) From the case files: Investigations of large-scale data breaches
13) Deanonymization of individuals from public databases
14) Survey of attacks to the Tor network and open issues
15) Global cyber-espionage
16) Techniques for forensic analysis of big data
17) Publicly available data on social networks
18) Robusteness evaluation of watermarking techniques

Presentation Schedule

Each slot will be limited to 30 minutes long: 20 minutes for the presentation, followed by 10 minutes for Q&A.

Thu, May 30, 18:00Catarina RegoTBD
Thu, May 30, 18:30Maria SantosTBD
Thu, May 19, 19:00Luís PereiraTBD
Thu, May 19, 20:00Maria GomesTBD
Thu, May 30, 20:30Isabel BaptistaTBD
Thu, May 30, 18:00Mariana SilvaTBD
Thu, May 30, 18:30Jorge BatalhaTBD
Thu, May 30, 19:00Seyedeh RazaviTBD
Thu, May 19, 19:30Telma TavaresTBD