Fill in the following form until Abril 7th, indicating: whether you prefer to present an article or a project, the topic of the work, and the date of your presentation. The allocated time slot for each presentation is 45min, including Q&A.

You can find more information about this component of the course evaluation in the slides of the first lecture.

Ideas for article selection

Here is a zip file containing a pool of pre-selected papers that you may choose to study and present in your seminar. You are free to select another paper for your presentation, but in that case, I strongly urge you to contact me in advance.

Ideas for project selection

You may find several project ideas on the following website. It contains a collection of training material developed by ENISA for educational purposes on various topics in cybersecurity. From this list, the cases that matter are:

  • those that include "forensics" in the name
  • Identification and handling of electronic evidence
  • those that have "artifact" in the name

The idea is for you to choose one of these training exercises, solve it, and present your findings in your seminar.