Exam 1 - Instructions

10 Junho 2020, 13:10 João Manuel Lage de Miranda Lemos

Due to rules imposed by the Pedagogical Council, the exams will have a maximum duration of 2h30 plus 30 minutes of tolerance. Therefore, exam 1, which will take place on 06/24/2020, will start at 11:30 am and responses must be delivered by 2:30 pm (total duration; 3:00 am)

To be able to attend the exam, you must enroll in the Exame 1 Group. I suggest you do it now.

The statement of the exam will be available on the course page, in Fénix, in the tab "Statements"

In the same tab you will find a file with the name RESP.txt, in txt format, where you must give your answers.

You must add your student number (NOT the istid) to the name of this file. For example, if your student number is 23491, the file should be named RESP23491.txt. ATTENTION: If you do not add the student number to the file name, your exam will be NULL.

In the file you must fill in the fields with your student number and your full name. Failure to do so will made your exam null

These files (statement and responses) will be available from the exam start time.

The answers are given by writing, in front of the number of each question, the corresponding answer option, identified by the letters A to E.If you write several letters in a row, the answer is considered wrong.

During the exam, you can consult the transparencies, books or your notes. It is not allowed to receive help of any kind from other people, nor to receive or exchange information with other people.