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Problem and laboratory classes

15 Fevereiro 2019, 18:40 Pedro Batista

Welcome to the course State-Space Control.

In this course, in addition to lectures, there are also problem and laboratory classes. In this announcement, we provide some details about the latter.

Problem classes are biweekly and there are two shifts (Shifts PB08 and PB09), each running every other week. In order to guarantee a more balanced occupation, we ask you to register in one of the shifts. The registration for problem classes opens, in Fenix, next Wednesday, February 20, at 9 am and closes next Thursday, February 21, at 17 pm. The registration for problem classes is individual.

The laboratory consists of three sessions and is carried out in groups of four students. There are 5 different shifts (Shifts L03, L04, L05, L06, and L07) and each shift accommodates up to 7 groups. The registration for laboratory classes opens, in Fenix, Wednesday, February 27, at 9 am and closes Thursday, February 28, at 17 pm. Please note that:

  1. The registration for laboratory classes is atomic, i.e., each group of 4 students must register simultaneously.
  2. Students are responsible for forming the laboratory groups prior to the registration. The registration starts only in the second week to give students enough time to organize themselves in groups.
  3. Students are strictly forbidden from registering elements that have not agreed to be part of the group.
  4. During the online registration, the maximum number of groups per laboratory shift is 6. This should be enough to enroll all students and guarantee equally balanced shifts.
  5. Students with special needs (health reasons, working students, etc.) should contact me, by e-mail, before the registration opens. To register for a specific shift before the registration opens, the students must provide evidence that justifies early registration. For laboratory registration, the student must already have a group to register, with the agreement of all group members.
  6. Students that are unable to register via Fenix should be at the laboratory (LSDC2, 5th floor of the North Tower) Thursday, February 28, at 17 pm.
  7. Students that have obtained a positive laboratory grade in the last two years do not need to enroll in the laboratory.

Any questions concerning the registration process should be directly sent to me by e-mail. My email is available by clicking on my name, in the main webpage of State-Space Control, provided that you are logged in Fenix.

The schedule for problem and laboratory classes has been published in both the Problem and Laboratory sections of the course webpage.

Have a great semester.

On behalf of the faculty body,
Pedro Batista

Corpo Docente

João Manuel Lage de Miranda Lemos