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[CEE 2017/2018] Registration in the labs and problems class

21 Fevereiro 2018, 09:36 José António Da Cruz Pinto Gaspar

Dear all State Space Control students,

a new laboratory shift has been created to accommodate novel students registered in the course. The new shift has the same timetable and day of week as two other shifts but runs in different weeks. Now there are 5 options for each group of students to choose one (see also this information at fenix):
CEE3645111326L06     7, 10, 13     Sex, 15:30 — 18:30     LSDC2     MEEC04SDC04
CEE3645111326L03     8, 11, 14     Qua, 15:30 — 18:30     LSDC2     MEEC04SDC04
CEE3645111326L02     8, 11, 14     Sex, 15:30 — 18:30     LSDC2     MEEC04SDC04
CEE3645111326L04     9, 12, 15     Qua, 15:30 — 18:30     LSDC2     MEEC04SDC04
CEE3645111326L05     9, 12, 15     Sex, 15:30 — 18:30     LSDC2     MEEC04SDC04

Note: The shift names generated automatically by Fenix are not sorted, e.g. *L06 starts at week7 while *L05 starts at week9. The simplified naming of the shifts referred in the previous email, namely A,B,...,D, is not adopted here in order to take advantage of the best Fenix tool to configure the registration of groups of students.

As noted in the previous email, registrations in the laboratory are going to be open in order to form groups of students. Groups should be formed by 3 or 4 students, 7 groups per shift.

-- Registration for the laboratories should be done using Fenix between Tuesday 20-02-2017 18:00 and Thursday 22-02-2017 14:00. After that period please contact professor José Gaspar.

-- In case of having a laboratory grade obtained in the last two years there is no need to attend the laboratory classes and there is ** no need to register for the laboratories **.

About the "problems classes" / "aulas práticas", there is also an additional shift, two shifts now, running in alternating weeks. Every student can attend one 1.5h problems class every two weeks (approximately). It is important the individual registration in the problems class, "aulas práticas", so that there is a balanced occupation of the two shifts and the number of chairs in the room is enough for everyone right from the first class of the semester. Registration for attending "aulas práticas" should be done using Fenix till Thursday 22-02-2017 14:00 (same date / time as for the laboratories). Classes start in the first week for one shift and in the next week for the other shift.

Wishing a good semester in State Space Control,
José Gaspar

Corpo Docente

João Manuel Lage de Miranda Lemos



José António Da Cruz Pinto Gaspar