[CEE 2016/2017] Registration in the labs, keeping last 2 years grades, and registration in "aulas práticas"

23 Fevereiro 2017, 11:24 José António Da Cruz Pinto Gaspar

Dear all State Space Control students,

registrations in the laboratory are going to be open in order to form groups of students. Groups should be formed by 3 or 4 students (preferred 4, to fit the number of shifts). There are the following day/time options:
Lab_4aF_turno_A - Wednesday, 15:30-18:30. Weeks 6, 10, 13.
Lab_5aF_turno_B - Thursday,  08:00-11:00. Weeks 7, 11, 14.
Lab_6aF_turno_C - Friday,    15:30-18:30. Weeks 9, 12, 15.
Lab_4aF_turno_D - Wednesday, 15:30-18:30. Weeks 7, 11, 14.

-- Registration for the laboratories should be done using Fenix between Thursday 23-02-2017 18:00 and Friday 24-02-2017 18:00.

-- In case of having a laboratory grade obtained in the last two years there is not needed to attend the laboratory classes and there is ** not needed to register for the laboratories **.

About "aulas práticas", every student can attend one 1.5h class just composed of problem solving every two weeks (approximately - see exact dates in Fenix). This year we have two shifts. There is room for everyone. However, it is important the individual registration in the problems class, "aulas práticas", so that there is a balanced occupation of the two shifts and the number of chairs in the room is enough for everyone right from the first class of the semester.

-- Registration for attending "aulas práticas" is done using Fenix starting Thursday 23-02-2017 18:00 (same date / time as for the laboratories). Classes start this week for one shift, and next week for the other shift.

Wishing a good semester in State Space Control,
J. Gaspar