Grades Época Especial Exam

21 julho 2021, 21:13 Cláudia Antunes

Grades for today's exam are available on section Grades.

Época Especial Exam

15 julho 2021, 11:02 Cláudia Antunes

The next exam is going to happen on the July 21st at 8:45, ONLINE,  through the Google Classroom platform and the Zoom meeting (both links available on the Support Material section). Both require accessing with Técnico Authentication (not personal accounts).

Since it is not possible to open the registration for the exam through Fénix, I ask you to send me an email if you are going to do the exam.

Rules for the exam

In order to deliver the exam students have to accept the following rules:

  • Accept the following code of honor before starting to answer the questions (available in the exam first section) - see below
  • Students have to be in the ZOOM meeting through the entire duration of the exam (from 9:00 to 11:00)
  • Students have to show their identification (with photo) when required
  • Students are required to have a webcam on, no virtual background and no phones
  • Students’ audio have to be unmuted during all the exam
  • Starting the exam is allowed up to 30 minutes of starting time
  • Withdrawals are not allowed: students who finish the exam before the established time must remain in the Zoom meeting with the camera on and audio unmuted until the end of the time
  • Students cannot exchange any messages with anyone, except teachers assisting in the exam through chat
  • The use of the computer native calculator is allowed
  • No support material is allowed (namely webpages, videos, books, notes, and any other files)
  • Students who have unexpected technical problems during the test, should contact the teacher as soon as possible (chat or email) identifying the situation and sending proof of the event (photo, printscreen, etc.)
  • Any question during the exam, should be put by chat directly to the meeting hosts

Students who do not have the technical conditions to take the exam online, should report the problem to the teacher as soon as possible

Code of honor

By submitting this online assessment, Data Science exam on July 21st 2021, I declare on my honor that I am going to answer the questions using only authorised consultation elements, autonomously and without exchanging any information by any means, with any person or information repository, physical or virtual.
  • I accept the code of honor, and I am going to try to deliver the exam.
  • I do not accept, and I won't be able to do the exam.

Época Especial - project

16 junho 2021, 21:39 Cláudia Antunes

The description and data for Época Especial project is available at Section Project.

Teams registration have to be made via Fénix, before the delivery, on the July 18th.

Final grades

9 fevereiro 2021, 15:46 Cláudia Antunes

The exam results and the final grades, after revision, are available in section Grades (Please see the correction of the exam and final grades)
We are not calling anyone to Oral examination.
It was a pleasure to work with you!
Best regards... and stay safe! 

Final grades

5 fevereiro 2021, 22:41 Cláudia Antunes

The exam solution is available in the Support Material section.

The exam results and the final grades are available in section Grades.
We are not calling anyone to Oral examination.

The exam revision is scheduled to next Tuesday (February 9th) at 12:30.
We plan to submit the final grades to Secretaria on Friday (February 12th).