Época Especial

19 julho 2023, 12:37 Cláudia Antunes

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Best student

15 fevereiro 2023, 18:13 Cláudia Antunes

Final grades are published in section Grades (as usual).

It is now possible to recognise  Robin Helbig as the best student this year (as defined in the Deloitte best student award).
Congratulations Robin!

It was my pleasure to work with you this year.
All the best for everyone!

Best regards
Cláudia Antunes

Final Grades and Revision

10 fevereiro 2023, 20:57 Cláudia Antunes

Final grades are now published on section Grades.

Revision for the second exam will be made online (@Zoom) on Monday (13th) at 11 'clock.

Second exam: grades and solution

10 fevereiro 2023, 20:40 Cláudia Antunes

Grades for the second exam are published in section Grades.

Corresponding solution is available in section Support, as usual.

Preliminary final grades are being published in a few minutes :-)

Preliminary final grades

9 fevereiro 2023, 13:59 Cláudia Antunes

Preliminary final grades are published on section Grades.