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2nd MAP45: 14/04/2023 (Friday), at 14:00 h, Lecture Room QA1.3 (South Tower, floor 1)

14 Abril 2023, 06:13 Pedro Teixeira Gomes

The second MAP45 will take place n the 14/04/2023 (Friday), at 14:00 h, in Lecture Room QA1.3 (South Tower, floor 1).

Please be present in the room 15 minutes in advance.

You should bring blank exam sheets for writing the answers to the questions.



1- Besides the test sheet and the blank exam sheets, you are allowed to have on the table:

- blank scrap paper

- the Periodic Table, and

- a calculator

2- Mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. have to be turned OFF during the MAP45.

3- If you give up, you have to stay silent in the room until the end of the MAP45 and deliver the exam sheet saying you have given up.

Laboratory sessions

18 Fevereiro 2023, 15:30

Corpo Docente

José Paulo Sequeira Farinha



Pedro Teixeira Gomes

Rui Galhano dos Santos