Final Grades

6 Fevereiro 2019, 16:13 Susana Vieira

Dear students,

The final grades are published here:  FinalGrades.pdf

Kind regards,
Susana Vieira

2nd Exam consult

6 Fevereiro 2019, 16:08 Susana Vieira

Dear Students,

The second exam grades can be found in the "Other Support Documents" section: 2nd Exam grades: GradesExam2.pdf
The exam can be consulted on the 8th of February at 14h in the meeting room 4.4 of the Building Eng. Mec. III.

Kind regards,
Susana Vieira

1st exam consult

24 Janeiro 2019, 16:43 Susana Vieira

The consult of the 1st exam will be on the 29th of  January at 10h in the room V1.12.